Finishing is WINNING!

be differentRunners are a different breed. And, I am determined to continue being different.

It’s hard to watch hard-earned fitness slip away. It’s been hard to say goodbye to my spring marathon dreams. I’m still not allowed to lift, or do core or body weight exercises for another few weeks. But, as of today, I can swim, along with the walking I’ve been doing. And, you know what? I’m looking forward to the challenge of rebuilding now.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my recent surgery (a hysterectomy that was not exactly in my plans), and was pretty down about all the negative information online. According to the “research” I found, I could look forward to hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss… and the possibility of gaining up to 25 pounds, much of that in the first several weeks.

Can you imagine how freaked out I was after all the years of hard work I’ve put in to lose weight and to get in marathon and triathlon shape?!

I apologize if that’s more information than you wanted, but I want there to be something positive “out there on the internet” to give women hope, to let them know not everyone experiences the horror stories you read about.

And this is what I think:

I’ve decided “they” have it all wrong.

There are far worse things that could have happened to me or to my family. As far as recovery goes, there are people in the Power Of Run community who have written to me about injuries and car wrecks and fractures and chronic illnesses… all of which require more time off than I have taken. I have a roof over my head, a healthy family, and I will run again.

So far, I have LOST WEIGHT. (YES, I realize some of that has to be muscle. Fortunately, I know how to build muscle!)

Most importantly, I think the “experts” must not be used to dealing with runners: people with determination and passion, people who realize fitness is about being about being able to swim, bike, run, race… move… and not about a number on the scale,

…people who run to discover themselves, to become their best selves,

…people who find friendship and learn about life on the long run,

… people who run so they can eat (and drink!)… and eat clean to build stronger bodies that can perform amazing feats,

…people who realize that finishing is winning!

I don’t know what the future holds. I suppose it’s possible that all these issues are just around the corner for me. What I do know is that I’m back to looking at food as fuel, and following my doctor’s orders and slowly rebuilding my strength and endurance.

I have set my sights on running the same race, but running the half. And, when I cross the finish line this May, I will consider myself a winner–no matter what clock says.

Because being active is a lifestyle.

A part of our lives over which we all have control.

And no one can take that away.




2 thoughts on “Finishing is WINNING!

  1. Ah, the joys of finding out just how deep the excuse rabbit hole goes – and it is DEEP! I wouldn’t worry about the muscle mass too much either – at our age we’re only looking at a small percentage over an entire year. I’m certain you’ll choose to come back strong and well.

    What a fantastic, inspirational post. I needed this one today. Thank you!

    • Thanks! That’s what it’s looking like to me so far… eating and inactivity and using hormones as the excuse. Not that there aren’t people out there doing the work and not getting results, but I think the “stats” might look different if there were a study of only women who were committed to fit lifestyles. Have a great day!

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