“I used coach Kim for a 4 month training program. She sent me weekly workouts and made changes according to how I was doing. Very detailed and helpful. She helped me take 15-20 minutes off my marathon times in the last few years. I worked half as hard and twice as smart as when I tried to do my own program when I was younger and PR’d. She helped me run a 3:15 marathon on a hilly course. One minute off my PR from when I was younger. It was awesome. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get faster, stronger or just to do it right.” – Timm W.


“Kim has been great to work with. Getting a customized plan where you can work on your personalized goals is what makes a huge improvement. The ability to better understand what works for your body and not a generic training program is priceless. In addition, her notes always make you smile as you know you have a coach cheering you on the sidelines. It has been a great experience!”  – Marissa Gencarelli

“Kim really knows her stuff. I started with her as someone who could barely run 3 miles, and I was running 12-minute miles. Less than five months later, she had gotten me through my first half-marathon, finishing in 2:13:12, and injury-free! I could never have done that on my own.” – Laura MacPherson

“Kim’s coaching and training helped me to complete the 5K run portion of the Olathe Women’s Triathlon.  The strategy of keeping a consistent steady pace allowed me to run (instead of taking walking breaks) the entire race for the first time!” – Marcia Hurt

“The weekly training sessions have been incredibly valuable.  Kim’s leadership and the communication with others at a variety of running levels yields encouragement, motivation, and individual growth.  Kim’s training continually provides the desire for personal improvement and the skills to meet those improvement goals.  Thank you Kim!!!” – SC

“I have struggled for years with leg cramps during the last few miles of the marathon.  After I received a personal run analysis, I focused very specifically on the form issues you identified as I hit mile 21, 22, 23. Being aware of my form and consciously putting into practice your advice helped me keep my leg cramps at bay.”  – AWW

“I worked with Kim on my second Marathon. What has made my experience so great is the customization of my plan and working on specific goals. The results spoke for themselves, I ran a stronger marathon and even at recovery week I felt much better than my previous one.  I’m now training for my 3rd marathon and I look forward continuing to work with Kim and getting her awesome messages on a weekly basis that make me want to work harder to achieve my goals.” -Marissa Gencarelli

“I want to express how much I have appreciated your coaching.  After running 28 half-marathons and over 30 full-marathons I wasn’t sure I really needed a coach.  I was wrong.  Your training advice really helped me balance setting high goals while appreciating the need for rest and recovery. Your stretches and drills were simple enough but they made a huge difference when race day came. I also really benefited from your personal encouragement. Thanks for taking time to not just tell me what to do but for sharing why each training session, every drill, every daily run was important. Knowing the purpose of my training regimen helped me stay focused.  Kim, you are the best. Keep coaching!”  – Bill W.


Contact PowerOfRun@gmail.com to discuss coaching options.


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